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Embezzlement in Chicago: Unjust Enrichment Under Public Focus

Whenever another story comes in, there is shock from the legal and non-legal community. Even as the defendant desperately seeks an attorney; the prosecutor is working full-time to ensure a conviction and an exemplary sentence. The annals ofembezzlement in Chicago include the relatively recent case of Caryn Benson, a former Field Museum employee who managed to… Read More »

Bribery in Chicago: A City of Pay for Play

Chicago has never been able to quite shake off its sometimes unwarranted reputation as a corruption center in the USA. Take the case of a city insider who has been sentenced to 10 years in jail for taking bribes in a scandal that ironically involved jumping red light cameras. The appropriately named John Bills is not alone in the… Read More »

Enhanced Sentencing for Designated Drug Free Zones in Chicago

Questioning the Rationale and Practicality of the Current Legal Regime The first principle of the law in the USA is equality. That may not quite square up to the enhanced sentencing regime for designated drug free zones in Chicago. The current trends owe their origins partly to the 1980s when the super-predator ethos started to take hold… Read More »

Prescription Drug Possession in Chicago

The rules relating to controlled substances in Chicago are found within 720 ILCS 570 or the Illinois Controlled Substances Act. Because the offense of unauthorized prescription drug possession touches on the ability to self-medicate; it has remained one of the more controversial aspects of Chicago law. Interestingly, there has been an uptick in arrests for the… Read More »

Learn about Bankruptcy Attorneys – Interesting Article

Chicago Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers is probably the best-known type of this financial obligation relief. So what is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Is it for individuals or services? Exists a simple way to recognize if this kind of financial debt security is required? Even more to the point, just what will Chapter 7 erase as well… Read More »